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We put “care” in your healthcare!

New patients and non-insured patients are welcome!
Medical issues are addressed during appointments.

New patients and non-insured patients are welcome!

Self-pay visit is $125.

Medical issues are addressed during appointments.  Telemedicine or phone appointments are available if necessary.

Prescriptions are filled at appointments.  For refills, please call your pharmacy.

Unfortunately, we do not offer the following services:

Chronic pain with narcotics

Motor vehicle accidents

Workman’s comp cases

Routine Pediatrics less than age 11 with the exception of Sports Physicals

Pregnancy and prenatal care

Life threatening emergencies



Donna Buchanan, owner and nurse practitioner, has experience in primary care, behavioral health,  internal medicine, urgent care, walk-in clinics, school health and addiction medicine. She moved from Virginia in 2016. Donna and her husband John enjoy life in Arizona, where nurse practitioners have “full-practice authority.”

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Please note:  If you think you have Covid or are showing signs of Covid symptoms, please have a pharmacist from a local pharmacy or drug store give you a Covid test.

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